Angmering Community Land Trust (Registration Number 7201)

ACLT is a Society registered with the Financial Conduct Authority under the Cooperative & Community Benefit Societies Act 2014.

We are formed for the benefit of the community to operate as a not-for-profit community-based organisation that develops housing or other assets at permanently affordable levels for long-term community benefit.

Our Objects are to carry on for the benefit of the community the:

  • business of providing and managing housing
  • promotion of regeneration in areas of social or economic deprivation
  • provision of land or buildings for use as workspace
  • provision or maintenance of a community shop or Post Office
  • provision of such other community resources and activities that benefit the area
  • provision, supply and maintenance of renewable energy.


Why a Community Land Trust for Angmering?

Community Land Trusts help put a community in the driving seat by bringing them together to take forward development opportunities in their area. All members of a community have the chance to have direct influence on decision making by becoming members of the Trust. This then generates involvement, cohesion and allows access to a number of skills that can be used for the benefit of the Trust.

Angmering Parish Council has enabled this initiative to move forward by providing funding allied to a grant from the Community Land Trust Network.

We anticipate that there will be considerable demand for community-led housing projects in our area and we hope to acquire more land in the future so that affordable housing and other initiatives can be progressed for the benefit of the community.

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